Air conditioners and refrigerators have become bare necessities. In hot, sultry days, their requirement becomes all the more significant. To keep them up and running, compressors are essential.

We are based in Miami, Fla. and serve commercial customers primarily contractors in South Florida; mostly Miami. We serve as Miami’s largest inventory by offering a broad range of A/C and refrigeration compressors. We provide compressors of all makes and models. We are known for our excellent customer service and make sure that you get the best deal with us. We will walk you through the wide range of product offerings we have and will help you choose the perfect compressor that suits your needs and budget. Honesty and high levels of commitment are our driving principles that have guided us in our successful voyage so far.

We also have the rare distinction of exporting our products to:

  • The Caribbean      
  • Central America   
  • South America

Whenever you are in need of an efficient compressor offered at affordable prices, you can think of Miami Compressor Rebuilders.

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